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Product Operations Manager

Singapore, Central Singapore, SingaporeProduct Operations

Job description

Who we are

Open Government Products is an experimental tech start-up team within the government that builds technology for public good. We proactively identify areas where technology can help, test our prototypes with actual users, and bring our best ones to launch.

In the pursuit of innovation, we move quickly, take risks and fail fast if we must - scaling what works in order to deliver maximum value to the public. By keeping our citizen users at the heart of all our products, we focus on solving real problems through good governance. This means actively pushing for transparency across the government, modernizing and streamlining traditional processes, and bypassing bureaucracy if needed.

We work in small cross-functional product teams, usually with 5 - 8 members consisting of product designers, engineers, product managers, and data analysts. To maximize ownership and team collaboration, we believe in keeping a flat hierarchy for faster decision-making.

Our work

You will work on meaningful projects that solve problems pertinent to our society, from transportation, to education, to healthcare. The public sector is full of opportunities where even the simplest software can have a big impact on people’s lives. You will have direct ownership of your work with over 70% of our projects starting as ground up initiatives. Rather than working on commercial ventures commonly found in the startup scene, we're here to improve how we live as a society through what we can offer as a government. Projects we have worked on include:

COVID-19 Crisis Management – Developing digital tools to manage the spread of the pandemic, including the nationwide registration and booking of vaccination appointments. prioritising at-risk individuals, and designing for inclusivity.

ScamShield – An app that automatically filters scam messages from unknown contacts by running it through ScamShield’s on-device classifier and filter calls from numbers used in illegal activities. Users can also report scammers that may have slipped through. – An open repository of all the Singapore Government's public data. It helps people understand the data using visualisations and articles, and provides real-time APIs for developers to use. – A mobile app alternative to parking coupons. It lets users pay, extend, and refund their parking sessions just using their phones.

FormSG – A form builder tool for agencies to self-service and create online forms that capture classified data, with the goal of replacing paper forms.

Isomer – Isomer provides government agencies with an easy-to-deploy static website building and hosting service to create usable, secure and faster informational websites quickly.

PaySG – PaySG was developed to enable digital payments for government services, and was initially used for payments for COVID-19 swab tests and Stay-Home Notices for incoming travellers to Singapore.

An overview of all our other products can be found on our website.

The role

The Product Operations team drives customer success and scales product impact. It does so through product support, promoting product adoption, providing user insights, and driving operational efficiency.

As a Product Operations Manager, you will lead, enable, and nurture OGP’s product operations team. You are directly responsible for ensuring the team is supported with all the resources necessary to do their work well. In addition, you are responsible for the overall development and growth of the function, and the organisation.

Concretely, this means:

  • Provide direction, mentorship and guidance to the team, and ensure a high quality of work across the function.

  • Being responsible for the team’s overall performance and health, charting career development frameworks, skill development pathways, and performance evaluation assessments.

  • Set up operational workflows, processes, and toolkits to help the team develop functionally, and to optimise their day-to-day workflows — maximising collaboration and reducing duplicated work.

  • Work closely with the Director of OGP and cross-functional leads to develop product strategy, roadmaps, managing organisational priorities, and ensuring resources are allocated well.

  • Cultivate a culture within the team where the team is empowered and inspired to do their best work.

  • Being a strong advocate for product operations and establishing best practices for OGP, with the broader aim of eventually influencing the wider government.

  • Evangelise OGP’s practices to government agencies and the public through articles and talks to gather mindshare

  • Recruit the best talents in operations to complement the organisation

Job requirements

Who we are looking for

  • 5+ years of experience in product operations management in a fast paced environment. Demonstrated outcomes in prior work and personal projects matter more than academic degrees.

  • Deep understanding and expertise in operations and strategy, with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in product development, customer success, strategy, and operational efficiency. Demonstrated technical ability and skills are a plus point.

  • Possess a strong suite of research techniques at your disposal to understand how best to use data in operations and growth, as well as measuring and tracking success.

  • Excellent mentorship, collaboration, and communication skills. Possess a high ability to impart skills in utilising tools, strategy, and experimentation in an easily understandable way. Demonstrated ability in change management is a plus point.

  • We look for individuals who take lots of initiative and are confident in challenging the status quo. We figure out the best way forward, not wait for instructions.

  • We are public servants, and we serve the public. This at times means ignoring political pressures, and pushing things through for what is best in public interest.